Our aim as a choir is to be a versatile, dynamic, and high-quality vocal ensemble, where musicality and integrity are at the heart of every performance. 
We aim to create a sense of vocal and musical freedom through voice, repertoire and musicality, where singers, composers, and our conductor can work together to create something unique and exciting. We bring our musical visions to life through a portfolio of projects, videos, concerts, and workshops.

We want to take the range of emotion that is often found in a soloists performance and bring it into a choral setting, through both our performances and our collective sound. This, in turn, creates truly emotive experiences for our audiences. 

We feel passionate about the importance of singing for all and that everyone should have the opportunity to sing and hear the highest quality of choral singing. We would like to bring singing workshops to young people and continue to work with community musical projects like The Choir of the Earth (SIC) and inspire the next generation to keep singing. 

The freedom of singing can bring anyone together, through either the actual act of singing or through the shared experience of listening to and watching the highest quality of choral singing and music, which is what we aim to provide.

Our Aim